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What is the Duo Pilates Method?

A 12 Week Online Stretch & Strengthen Program


1. Train The Mind

In order to train our body the right way, we first need to train the mind to acquire body awareness.


2. Stretch/Strengthen

With a better awareness of how our body moves, we can then work from the inside out through a system of exercises that stretch and strengthen the body.


3. Real Results

Keeping to its reputation, Pilates will empower you with a deep understanding of how your body functions and a strong foundation of strength. After 12 weeks of Pilates you will no doubt be radiating confidence in a happier, healthier, more balanced body.

Get the Duo Pilates Method now

Who is the Duo Pilates Method for?

The Duo Pilates Method has been specifically designed for time poor people looking for a comprehensive step by step Pilates program that they can complete wherever, whenever.

It's for those suffering from:

– Relentless back pain
– Poor posture
– Lack of self motivation
– Lack of self confidence
– Feeling lost and confused in a gym
– Craving a routine that will keep them on track

It's perfect for you if:

– You are glued to your chair at work all day
– Frequent jet-setter
– You’re a Mumma wanting to fit in your exercise around nap time
– You’re a shift worker or night owl
– You’re a commitment-phobe needing the flexibility of working out on your own terms
– You crave structure and need a step by step program to hold you accountable
– You don’t like people and annoying over enthusiastic Pilates instructors

Hi, I'm Alex

Owner of Duo Pilates + Creator of The Duo Pilates Method

After years of working in a hospital as a Nurse, I realised that my impact was limited and aspects of the health care system were not in line with my values. I knew I could have more of an impact in health and wellness, so I stepped out of nursing full time, and decided to focus my energy on helping people in a different way. While still utilising my medical and fitness background, my purpose shifted to helping people improve their quality of life through movement.

I have dedicated the last 5 years as a Pilates Instructor to becoming the very best at what I do. Seeing the difference that Pilates has made in my client’s lives is something I am extremely proud of!

Through the success of my Pilates studio in Brisbane and the clients that I have helped, I knew I wanted to reach more people…

This is what led me to create The Duo Pilates Method. The Duo Pilates Method is my way of sharing my passion and knowledge and using it to create an online E-book filled with all of my favourite Pilates exercises, programmed to deliver you the best results.

What does it include?

The Duo Pilates Method begins with an introduction to Pilates, followed by 12 weeks of progressively challenging Pilates workouts, condensed into an ebook format and video series.

Introduction to Pilates

– Overview of the Duo Pilates Method
– Learn important Pilates terms
– Find out the one thing you need to know before you begin
– Includes a measurement and weight progress tracker
– Goal setting chart
– Workout Checklist


  • 12 weeks of progressively challenging Pilates workouts
  • 3 workouts per week
  • Each workout will take you 30 minutes
  • The full workout breakdown:

– 6-minute mobility warm up
– 8-minute ab + core set
– 8-minute glute + leg set
– 8-minute upper body set

  • Exercise guide

– Step by step instructions to get you through each exercise easily (it’s like having your own Pilates Instructor at home with you

  • Video series

– Each workout is recorded so you have the option to follow along as you perform your workouts, with helpful tips for every exercise along the way Includes a timer to keep you on track


In order to get the best results from The Duo Pilates Method, it is necessary to add resistance by using Pilates equipment.

Luckily, we have all of the equipment you need wrapped up in one neat package, known as the equipment bundle. Our bundle includes a Pilates ball, band and circle which you will need from week 3 onwards to complete your workouts.

You can purchase the equipment bundle along with The Duo Pilates Method on the purchase page.

Get the Duo Pilates Method now

Hear from some of the people who have been where you are and have now completed the 12 weeks

``Since I started full time work and university, I have suffered with relentless lower back pain. my body would feel tired and sore at the end of a long day at my desk and it would leave me feeling unmotivated to exercise at the end of the day. Alex was writing her Pilates program and asked me to try it out for her. I have now finished the entire 12-week program and honestly feel like it has changed my life. I found the introduction to Pilates super helpful because it explained what Pilates was all about and how to activate your abdominals correctly. after reading the introduction I realised that I have been sitting badly in my chair for years and it was as simple as being more aware of my posture, that I started to notice relief from my back pain. by week 3 or 4 I was already starting to feel stronger. the program is super easy to follow and I have had no problem motivating myself to do it because I feel so much better after each workout. the ab and glute exercises are hard but they have made such a big difference to how my body is feeling. I definitely have more energy, less soreness and stiffness in my body and I can notice a significant improvement in my posture.``

— Hannah.G

``I have almost completed the duo Pilates 12-week program. I can thoroughly recommend it. my work requires me to travel and do shift work. Alex’s online classes are ideal for this scenario as they enable me to continue my workouts anywhere. the E-Book combined with the videos clearly demonstrate the exercises ensuring I maintain good technique. since attending Alex’s classes and undertaking the online program, my flexibility and core strength have definitely improved.``

— Liz.R

Maddy Higginbotham
``I am on week two of the Duo Pilates method and have already seen results in strength and mobility. I am more flexible, and I can finish exercises this week that I struggled to complete in week one. Such an easy to follow format, plus with only three 30 minute sessions a week it’s not hard to find time! Love it.``

— Maddy Higginbotham

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